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The National Counterintelligence and Security Center provides effective leadership and support to the counterintelligence and security activities of the US Intelligence Community, the US Government, and US private sector entities who are at risk of intelligence collection or attack by foreign adversaries.

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Bill Evanina, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

October 27, 2014

The federal government is supposed to thoroughly check on security clearance holders every few years. But there are about five million people who hold clearances. Knowing the system is inadequate to catch people who might steal state secrets or turn violent, the government is moving towards a system in which it continuously evaluates clearance holders. One method is by looking up the person on the Internet. Bill Evanina is the National Counterintelligence Executive. He tells Emily Kopp how his office is experimenting with using social media to vet clearance holders.

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Meet the Man Who’s Gauging the Damage From Snowden

August 15, 2014

By Charles S. Clark

Among the many actions the Obama administration took in the “post-Snowden” era of insider threats was to appoint a new governmentwide counterintellligence chief.

The man filling that role, or the “NCIX,” as acronym-inclined national security feds call the National Counterintelligence Executive, is Bill Evanina, 47, a former FBI special agent with a counter-terrorism specialty.


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NCIX says Chinese hackers 'getting faster and smarter'

NCIX says Chinese hackers getting faster and smarter

July 11, 2014

By J.J. Green

"The average computer, fresh out of its packaging, can become infected within minutes of being plugged in. It can take longer to download software that protects a computer system than for a hacker to gain entry," the National Security Agency says. Millions of times a day, hackers linked to the Chinese and Russian governments and cyber criminals infiltrate U.S. government and business networks. And the new National Counterintelligence Executive (NCIX) says it's getting worse with each passing day.

"With the exponential increase in cyber capabilities, electronics and tradecraft, they're getting faster and smarter about how they seek to steal our information, and we need to be faster and smarter about how we defend it," William Evanina said in an exclusive interview.


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DNI Appoints New National Counterintelligence Executive

Thursday, June 12, 2014 DNI Appoints New National Counterintelligence Executive

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper has appointed William “Bill” Evanina to serve as the National Counterintelligence Executive. Evanina, a career FBI special agent, most recently served as the chief of CIA’s Counterespionage Group, where he led efforts to identify, prevent and neutralize the espionage related activities of foreign intelligence services.

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