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The National Counterintelligence and Security Center provides effective leadership and support to the counterintelligence and security activities of the US Intelligence Community, the US Government, and US private sector entities who are at risk of intelligence collection or attack by foreign adversaries.

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Media Reports on Economic Espionage Press Conference and Report

U.S. Report Accuses China, Russia of Cyber Attack
Statement by Robert "Bear" Bryant, National Counterintelligence Executive, upon the release of "The Report to Congress on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage."


China Singled Out for Cyber Spying
The U.S. government accused the Chinese of being the world's "most active and persistent" perpetrators of economic spying, an unusual move designed to spur stronger U.S. and international action to combat rampant industrial espionage threatening U.S. economic growth.


Report: Russia and China are Top Thieves of U.S. Technology
For the first time, the United States is publicly accusing China and Russia of being the top offenders in the theft of U.S. economic and technology information.


In a World of Cybertheft, U.S. names China, Russia as Main Culprits
Online industrial spying presents a growing threat to the U.S. economy and national security. China and Russia are accused of responsibility of cyber-espionage.


China, Russia Top List Of U.S. Economic Cyber Spies
China and Russia have been named as the top culprits in the theft of U.S. intellectual property and technology. This theft is eroding the U.S. global economic advantage, which has long been based on technological innovation.


US report blasts China, Russia for cybercrime
U.S. intelligence officials accused China and Russia on Thursday of systematically stealing American high-tech data for their own national economic gain.


US Official Singles Out China, Russia on Cyber-Spying
The U.S. intelligence community has taken a hard line against economic espionage by alerting U.S. business and industry to vast cyber-espionage operations emanating from China.


U.S. Report Accuses China and Russia of Internet Spying
Both China and Russia hide behind the anonymity of proxy computers and dispersed routers in third countries to pilfer proprietary corporate information to accelerate their own economic development.


Stealing America: China's Busy Cyber-Spies
Economic and industrial spying by China appears to be more pervasive and egregious than ever, costing America billions of dollars each year, according to a new report by a U.S. government agency. And the report raises an important question: If stolen trade and technology secrets help fuel China’s breakneck growth, then is more espionage required to feed the growing beast?


U.S. Calls Out China & Russia for Cyber Espionage Costing Billions
The report, Foreign Spies Stealing U.S. Economic Secrets in Cyberspace, also warns that the efforts to calculate the cost of lost research and development is nearly impossible to calculate but could be costing up to $398 billion. As mobile devices proliferate, it's only going to get easier for spies to steal.


Cyber Espionage Attempts On Us Businesses Are On Rise
A newly published report to Congress that presents a frightening picture of the degree to which other countries use cyber espionage to attempt to gain business and industrial secrets from US companies. And while the biggest perpetrators of cyber-espionage against American business are no surprise—China and Russia—some US allies have engaged in efforts to obtain sensitive business and technology information as well.


China Cries Foul on US Economic Espionage Report
The Chinese government responded to a US intelligence report to Congress on economic espionage, calling its charges that China engages in the electronic theft of sensitive technology and business data "irresponsible," and saying that it wants to help in curtailing cyber-crime.


Growing Threats and Budget Buts Challenge U.S. Intelligence
Evolving transnational terrorism, sophisticated cyber attacks, a hasty Chinese military build-up, Iranian assassination plots and an unstable, nuclear North Korea top the list of threats the U.S. is facing, according to the nation's top military intelligence official.


US Report Cites Growing Economic Cyber Espionage
A new U.S. intelligence report says China and Russia are using cyber espionage to steal U.S. trade and technology secrets to help build their economies. It says Chinese and Russian intelligence services have swallowed up large amounts of high-tech American research and development data, posing "a growing and persistent threat" to U.S. economic security.


US: Russia and China Stealing Online from US Companies
China and Russia are the most active perpetrators of economic cyber-espionage against US companies, a US intelligence report says.


Cyber Attacks Against U.S. Help Build Foreign Economies
Russian and Chinese intelligence services confiscate American data and use it to improve their economies.


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US Takes Aim at China and Russia over Cyber Attacks*

US Goes Public with Spying Frustrations*
China and Russia are accused of conducting widespread and effective economic against America in a U.S. intelligence report. It directly blames the governments of the two rival powers for campaigns to steal American technology, reflecting what analysts said was a deep feeling of frustration at being able to stop the spying through either diplomatic talks or technological defenses.


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