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The National Counterintelligence and Security Center provides effective leadership and support to the counterintelligence and security activities of the US Intelligence Community, the US Government, and US private sector entities who are at risk of intelligence collection or attack by foreign adversaries.

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Robert P. Hanssen
Spy - Traitor - Deceiver

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Hansen - Spy - Traitor - Deceiver

He betrayed his country, betrayed his fellow Americans for no reason other than greed, and he caused irreparable harm to the national security of the United States." - US Attorney Ken Melson

For decades, thousands of Americans both in the Government and private sector have sworn oaths of allegiance to the United States. The vast majority of these people have honored their oaths and served with pride, loyalty, and integrity. However, some have faltered in their allegiance, bringing discredit to their country, families, and themselves. Such is the case of Robert P. Hanssen, whose lust for fame, adventure, and self-gratification led to his ultimate downfall as a betrayer of the United States.

This ONCIX security awareness poster captures the essence of Robert Hanssen's career and is available as a reminder of the life he chose and its ultimate conclusion.

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